Federica Rigoni
Physical Chemistry

What are you most passionate about in your research?
The most exciting aspect is dealing with new scientific and technological problems and ideas, which make the work stimulating and never boring.

Have you always known that this was going to be your path?
No, but I always followed it in some way.

What do teaching and researching mean to you?
For me, teaching and researching means making my own limited individual contribution of technical and scientific knowledge and expertise that meshes with the knowledge and expertise of others, so as to advance collective knowledge and expertise.

Can you offer any advice to researchers in the early stages of their career?
To young people approaching research, I would say what I was told a few years ago, which is to keep doing/studying what you like doing/studying, if you can. I would add that the only motivation should be a passion for research.

The issue of gender inequality in STEM disciplines in Italy is still very topical. What would you tell girls who want to approach these disciplines?
I would tell girls approaching STEM disciplines that today the number of female researchers and scientists succeeding in these disciplines is growing, they are no longer isolated cases, and that there is nothing wrong with following your passions, regardless of gender. The passion for research has no gender, but I think that the girls who approach these disciplines already know that. I would add that the future elimination of gender discrimination also depends on them.

Last update: 22/06/2022