Lucio Ronchin
Industrial Chemistry

What do you teach at Ca’ Foscari? What are your main research interests?
I work on innovation and optimisation of industrial chemical processes and developing materials for restoration, reusing materials, and coatings. Research is always exciting and I would probably become passionate about studying anything I don't know. I would like to try to answer some questions that science often pretends to have solved. It is hard to imagine my future research because sometimes I started with one topic and developed another.

What are your professional references?
No one alive, only the greats of the past.

What has given you the greatest satisfaction in your career?
Hearing former students say after a while "you were right professor" (even though I am not).
For me, teaching and researching is about being in touch with young people and trying to give something back, to be useful.

Have you always known that this was going to be your path?
I didn't think it was my path, I wanted to be a mountaineer.

Can you offer any advice to researchers in the early stages of their career?
Study and learn, it's free, unfortunately university is not, but learning is free.
If you study and learn something, you will have something that nobody can take away from you, the rest also depends on luck.

Last update: 08/05/2024