Sustainability Lab

Sustainability Lab aims to become a point of reference for the dissemination of the results of academic research on corporate sustainability to companies, professionals and communities.

From a management perspective, sustainability is understood as the creation of shared value in the long term both for a company as well as for a wider range of stakeholders. As such, sustainability relates to business and operational practices aimed at improving the competitiveness of a company while at the same time promoting environmental, social and governance (ESG) conditions in the communities in which it operates.

With reference to companies of different sizes and belonging to different sectors, the main research objectives of the Sustainability Lab can be summarized as follows:

  • identification of best practices in sustainability and creation of a taxonomic model;
  • mapping of shared value and corporate reporting practices at (inter)national level;
  • mapping and analysis of governance and sustainability management systems;
  • mapping and analysis of sustainability standards and frameworks;
  • mapping and analysis of corporate sustainability performance indicators;
  • study of the determinants, implementation, and outcomes generated by different approaches to corporate sustainability;
  • observation of organizational realities operating in relevant areas of the community such as transport, health, school, social services, leisure, culture.

Main research areas of Sustainability lab are as follows:

  • sustainability accounting;
  • sustainability performance management and control;
  • digital sustainability and business model;
  • sustainability and employment regulation;
  • fair trade, circular economy and sustainable supply chains;
  • sustainable banking and finance;
  • public administration, healthcare and education;
  • ethics and gender equality.

Scientific Director

Chiara Mio

Scientific technical commitee

Marisa Agostini, Daria Arkhipova, Anna Cabigiosu, Antonio Costantini, Anastasia Giakoumelou, Maurizio Falsone, Silvia Panfilo, Ugo Rigoni.

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Last update: 15/06/2022