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Language and Culture Courses Guide

The courses aim at linguistic competency equivalent to the B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The course requires students to have an entry level equivalent to A2.

The course is made of the "main course" and the "practice course". The practice course is given by the University Language Centre (CLA) Passing the practice course is required for passing the main course. If the student owns a qualified B1 level, they should send their documentation to, and if their qualification is accepted, they do not need to attend the practice course, and this is the only exception.

Further instructions for the Practice Course

In case you already enrolled in one of the practice courses please contact

How to enroll:

Before September 13

  1. Register to ClaOnline.
  2. Set your current level. If you have a language level qualification, you can upload it on ClaOnline (Menu > Activities > Carica certificazione), otherwise you can take the Placement Test. The outcome of the test certifies your current level and the best fitting course. Indeed, for each Language there are course at different levels.
  3. Enrollment. You should enroll on ClaOnline (Menu > Course Enrolment) to a B1 Level Spanish/German/France course. If your level is lower than A2 we recommend to start immediately working on improving your level. You may also take a lower level course at ClaOnline, but you may pass the “main course” only after taking the B1 level practice course, which means you’ll need to take more than one practice courses on ClaOnline.
  4. Payment. The course is free. Please ignore any automatic communication about required payments. However, please reply the first of such communications informing about your status of student of the "Hospitality Innovation and E-Tourism” course.

After September 13

Please contact by September 20th (strict deadline).

After the enrolment:

Courses include 75 hours of online teaching activities, and they are given tentatively from September 26th to January 30th. See the CLA website for more details. Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended. It is possible to change course within the first 2 week from the beginning. Technical information for attending the lectures will be given by email few days before the beginning of the course.

At the end of the course, students will take a final test. If passed, students receive the B1 Level Open Badge, therefore fulfilling the requirement for the main course.

Last update: 24/05/2023