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Economics, Finance and Sustainability

As evidenced by many industry analyses of leading international players in the financial sector, there is a growing awareness that sustainability is becoming a priority on the agenda of banks, insurance companies, financial advisors, and asset managers.

That is why the new degree programme in Economics, Finance and Sustainability at Ca' Foscari, taught entirely in English, enriches a solid economic/financial education with a specific curriculum on sustainable finance.

Choose from:

  1. Economics-QEM curriculum. It offers a solid, international-level preparation in economics, with a focus on quantitative methods. It is part of the Erasmus Mundus QEM programme, and many foreign students are enrolled in it. This curriculum offers a joint degree from the five universities that make up the consortium.
  2. Quantitative Finance and Risk Management curriculum. It develops high-level financial skills, with a focus on mathematical and statistical analysis tools applied to financial markets and institutions, and on the study of complex financial instruments. It offers access to international exchange programmes and double degrees.4
  3. Sustainable Finance curriculum. This curriculum integrates finance and sustainability, focusing on the impact of climate change and on Sustainable Development Goals. It teaches how to measure, understand, and manage sustainability by considering risks and opportunities at both the level of a single institution, and of an entire economic/financial system. It offers access to international exchange programmes and double degrees.


  • As an economics specialist, you will be suitable for positions of responsibility in international organisations, public and private research institutes such as universities, consulting firms, private companies, and non-profit organisations.
  • As a quantitative finance specialist, you will be employable by banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, asset management companies and other financial intermediaries.
  • As an expert in sustainable finance, your financial expertise will be enriched by ESG skills, and you will be able to be employed in a variety of roles required by the integration of sustainability in every financial aspect.

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Last update: 14/02/2024