Double Degree with Universität Hohenheim

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Academic coordinator: Prof. Elisa Cavezzali
Co-coordinator: Prof. Laura Cortellazzo
Department of Management - Venice School of Management - Tel. +39 0412349216
International Office

The Double Degree between Department of Management - Venice School of Management (VSM) and Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany), allows students of the master’s degree in International Management to live an experience abroad, to study in a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment and to carry out internships in international companies, thus increasing the working opportunities in a growingly globalized context.

At the end of the study path, students will receive a double degree:

  • Laurea Magistrale in International Management from VSM - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice;
  • Master of Science in International Business and Economics (M.Sc.) or Master of Science (M.SC.) in Management from Universität Hohenheim.

Selected students will spend the first year at Ca’ Foscari University and, after having obtained 60 ECTS of the master’s degree, they will have access to the second year at Universität Hohenheim.

Study period abroad

Students will be contacted by the staff of the Welcome Unit for information about the procedures to carry out before, during and after the mobility period, taking place in the second academic year.

Information about scholarship possibilities can be found in the annual call for applications.

All students will be required to submit a Learning Agreement, listing all the academic activities they are planning to take abroad which will be recognized in their study plan after the completion of the mobility.


After having met all the requirements to obtain the qualification at the partner University and at Ca’ Foscari, it will be possible to start the procedure to request both diplomas, which will be legally recognized in the countries of issuance.

Last update: 14/02/2024