PhD in Economics


Prof. Pietro Dindo

Research fields: Financial Economics, General Equiliubrium Theory, Economic Dynamics, Evolution in Games and Markets

Teaching Committee

Prof. Antonella Basso

Research fields: Performance of mutual funds, SRI and ethical finance, DEA models for efficiency evaluation, performance of museums, credit risk, option pricing, Monte Carlo simulation, lattice models for standard and exotic options, American options, stochastic dominance.

Prof. Michele Bernasconi

Research fields: Economics and Psychology, Experimental Economics, Public Finance

Prof. Monica Billio

Research fields: Dynamic latent factor models, Simulation based inference techniques, Volatility and risk modelling, Switching regime models, Volatility transmission and contagion, Business cycle analysis, Hedge funds, Systemic risk

Prof. Agar Brugiavini

Research fields: Developing models and empirical analysis of the economics of ageing, Female labour-force participation, Life-cycle savings, SHARE.

Prof. Stefano Campostrini

Research fields: application of Statistics as support to decision making processes, particularly concerning health and social policies and intervention

Prof. Roberto Casarin

Research fields: Financial and Computational Econometrics. In particular: Bayesian Inference, Monte Carlo Methods, Stochastic Processes; Performance Measures, Risk Measure, Portfolio Theory

Prof. Danilo Cavapozzi

Research fields: Applied microeconomics, Microeconometrics, Labor economics, Household finance and Economics of ageing

Prof. Marco Corazza

Research fields: Portfolio selection and management; Bio-inspired optimization methodologies; Decision support multicriteria methods; Fractal approach to finance

Prof. Luca Corazzini

Research fields: Behavioral Public Choice, Experimental Economics, Determinants of Life Satisfaction

Prof. Sergio Currarini

Research fields: Formation of Socio-economic Networks, Effects of Social Networks on Behaviour and Welfare, Segregation Patterns in Networks with Heterogeneous Agents, Coalition Formation and Political Economy

Prof. Margherita Gerolimetto

Research fields: Statistical methods for cross-section data analysis, time series

Prof. Piero Gottardi

Research fields: Equilibrium Corporate Finance, Firms' Investment and Financing in Dynamic Economies

Prof. Marco Li Calzi

Research fields: Organisational economics, Categorical reasoning, Target-based decisions.

Prof. Irene Mammi

Research fields: Panel data econometrics, Applied econometrics, Health economics, Estimation of fiscal reaction functions.

Prof. Stefano Magrini

Research fields: Regional Economics, Regional Growth and Convergence, Analysis of Spatial Data, Local Policy

Prof. Fabio Michelucci

Research fields: Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Market Design, Auction Theory, Bounded Rationality, Experimental Economics, Political Economy.

Prof. Francesco Moscone

Research fields:  Health Expenditure, Spatial Health Econometrics, Hospital Behavior, the Geography of Health and Health Care.

Prof. Giacomo Pasini

Research fields: Microeconometrics, Social Interactions and Networks, Health and Ageing Economics, Labor Economics, Household Finance

Prof. Loriana Pelizzon

Research fields: Financial Economics

Prof. Paolo Pellizzari

Research fields: Computational Economics and Finance, Agent-based Models, Artificial Markets

Prof. Francesca Zantomio

Research fields: Welfare programmes evaluation, Economics of ageing and long-term care, Health, disability and labour market outcomes, Comorbidities in physical and mental health, Health inequalities, Poverty, inequality and redistribution, Housing Taxation.

Last update: 26/11/2021