PhD in Management

Department of Management

Active research interests of the Department of Management include the following areas: banking and finance, business history, corporate and competitive strategy, entrepreneurship, game theory, information systems, management accounting, management science, marketing, operations research, organization behaviour, organization theory and design, supply chain management, sustainability management, technology and innovation management.

Specific information on each research topic can be found in the website of the Department of Management.

The Department has also several laboratories and research centers developing projects on a wide collection of topics.

Research themes

  • Corporate and entrepreneurial theories: public, private and non profit company;
  • Theories of credit and finance: financial function of companies and of bank and non-banking financial intermediaries;
  • Accounting theories: national and international accounting principles; individual, group, civil and fiscal accounting, planning and control;
  • Organization theories, organization design, human resource management and competence analysis;
  • Organizational economics and game theory;
  • Business strategy and policy, marketing and economics and management of industrial sectors; Sustainability;
  • Corporate governance and financial markets;
  • Theories of innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Economic history;
  • Organization and strategic choices of actors in the transport industry;
  • Management of cultural production;
  • Behavioural economics;
  • Operation Research;
  • Labour law and industrial relations.


At the end of the first year, a Phd student is required to choose a main supervisor among the PhD and Department faculty. Students can also require the contribution of a second supervisor who can be affiliated to another department, University or Research institution.

Period abroad

The period abroad is an important moment for the PhD student. It contributes to the knowledge and experience of the student, helping him/her to work closely with other research groups and people. It is fundamental to build up the professional network of the future researcher.

The student together with the supervisor discusses the period abroad and the destination. Authorization to leave is given by the Teaching Committee and an increment of 50% of the scholarship is granted for the entire period abroad.


The Department offers a series of Management Lectures on various topics held by top scholars of renown research institutions and universities. Each seminar is organised into two sections: the first one consists in the presentation of the speakers’ research paper and a PhD student acts as a discussant. The second one is a dedicated PhD lecture during which the Speaker discusses with the PhD students a specific theoretical or methodological implication of his/her research.

Last update: 22/06/2022