Change in the rules from 34th cycle

In early October 2018 the PhD Faculty Board approved a change in the rules.

Starting from 34th cycle each student is required  to:

  • attend a series of teaching activities offered by the PhD course for a total of at least 120 hrs during the first 18 months;
  • Alternatives may be proposed should the following requirements be simultaneously met:

    • the student already possess a documented background on the topic;
    • the course proposed as an alternative is at least at MSc level;
    • PhD Coordinator/Faculty Board give their consent.

Moreover, starting from her/his  2nd year, each student will give a seminar (scheduled between October and June) about state-of-the-art of her/his scientific research (possibly covering the research conducted in her/his own group).

All PhD student must attend at least 50% of these seminars. It is intended that the above mentioned seminar does not replace the PPT presentation to be conducted before the PhD Faculty Board as end-of-the-year assessment (in early September).


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Old rules (up to 33rd cycle)

Since 2007 the Board of Professors has established a system to quantify in terms of credits educational and research activities carried out by PhD students, even though it cannot be considered equivalent to the University CFU system and shall remain in force inside the PhD course only.

The programme lasts three years and requires each student to sum up a total of 180 credits, 120 of which being referred to the PhD research, the other 60 being achievable from the following activities:

  • Educational activities (courses) with final examination: tot hours/3; for courses not belonging to the "PhD teaching annual planning" students must submit a request to the Board of Professors/PhD Coordinator  if they wish them to be recognized in terms of credits. In case no final examination test is provided the Board of Professors/PhD Coordinator shall assess how many credits to award.
  • Workshop/Congress attended: 1 credit for each
  • Poster/oral presentations in workshops and scientific events: 2 credits for each
  • Tutoring: tot hours/5; no more than 12 credits (unless the activity is assigned as a result of a public competition, credits will be recognised upon request to the PhD Coordinator/Board of professors - to be submitted before the activity has commenced)
  • Publication in national scientific journals: 1 credit for each
  • Publication in international scientific journals: 2 credits for each
  • Stage in a foreign country for research activity: 2 credits per month
  • Support to University professors for their lectures: tot hours/6; max 6 credits per year.

Any other activity not included in the above mentioned ones can be submitted to the Board of Professors/PhD Coordinator to assess whether it can be recognized in terms of credits.


file pdfStudent guide 2018/2019489 K
file pdfExaminers guide 2018/201987 K
file pdfGuidelines for PhD thesis drawing up [ITA]62 K

Forms for events taking place at Ca' Foscari University

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Last update: 09/05/2019