PhD in Environmental sciences

PhD students will have to attend PhD courses for at least 24 credits (see courses page for detailed info) in the first 2 years.

18 of them must be obtained choosing among the following teaching activities:

  1. Data Analysis with Statistical Programming
  2. Statistics
  3. Applied Time Series Analysis
  4. Applications of Complex Systems Science
  5. Machine Learning for Environmental Applications

Each PhD student is required to fill in a study plan at the beginning of her/his 1st year.
Students will have the possibility to apply for other Schools and courses (even held outside Ca' Foscari. Minimum required level: M.Sc. courses) or to propose a different study plan by submitting their motivated requests to PhD Coordinator/Board of Professors.

2 courses of Ca' Foscari PhD Office

Students will also have to attend at least 2 courses organized by PhD Office, language ones excluded.


Last update: 17/05/2022