Marco Polo/Turandot

Lanterne cinesi

The Marco Polo and Turandot program was launched by CRUI, the Conference of Italian University Rectors. Its goal is to contribute to reinforcing scientific cooperation between Italy and Asia and to increase the number of Chinese students enrolled in Italian universities.

The aim of the program is to provide Chinese students with proficiency in Italian language and culture and to prepare them for enrolment at Italian Universities or Higher Education Institutions.

At Ca’ Foscari, the program is offered at the Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (SIE), a new school dedicated to international students and programs.

Marco Polo/Turandot at Ca' Foscari University

The Italian language programme for Marco Polo/Turandot students is organised by the SIE in cooperation with IUAV University, the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, and the Conservatorio “Benedetto Marcello”, and promotes a variety of highly qualified courses tailored to students’ prospective degree choices.

Ca’ Foscari enjoys a national and international reputation in the field of language teaching, and has a strong tradition of research on language teaching and training for teachers of Italian as a foreign language; The programme offers a pragmatic approach, focusing on the use of language in real communication, and is taught by our highly experienced staff of teaching professionals, many of whom are specialised in teaching Italian to Chinese-speaking students.

Italian Language Course

The courses are organised as intensive language courses (at least 20 hours per week), including in-class lectures, language practice, specific activities for improving pronunciation and language production (oral and written) skills. Students will also be offered multimedia activities at the University’s self-access lab. For 2017/2018 a.y. two options are expected:

  • 11- month course: from October 2017 to September 2018, it includes roughly 900 hours of Italian language classes (the starting date will be approximately the 11th October 2017
  • 10-month course: from November 2017 to September 2018, it includes roughly 850 hours of Italian language classes (the starting date will be approximately the 8th November

Preparatory Courses

Students can choose to register for a package of preparatory courses, so as to complete the preparation for the future university studies in Italy. The preparatory courses are organized by the SIE in cooperation with IUAV University, the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, and the Conservatorio “Benedetto Marcello”

The preparatory courses consist of 3 modules:

  • Italian culture (for all students)
  • Preparatory course for students’ future degree choices
  • Specific language for university studies

Extra Curricular activities

For a complete experience of Venice and its lagoon, students can participate in diverse initiatives, so as to discover Venice and the lagoon:

  • guided city tours 
  • boat trips
  • visits to museums 
  • cultural activities and events organised by Ca’ Foscari University, including conversations with writers, theatre, music, cinema, etc…

Teachers and Language experts

Our teaching staff includes professionals with proven experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language, some of them specialised in teaching Italian to Chinese-speaking students, as well as Italian language experts, offering tutorials and conversation sessions.

Evaluation and certification

Attendance is obligatory. A final transcript will be issued to students who have attended a minimum of 70% of all the activities.

Students will be tested at the end of each term, and at the completion of the entire programme they will sit a final exam in order to receive a certification from the SIE.

The official Italian language certification CILS (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language)can also be offered through the University Language Centre (CLA).

Italian language course

  • 11 months course, October 2017 – September 2018: € 5.200 (including the fee expected for the CILS certification) to be paid before the arrival in Venice
  • 10 months course,  from November 2017 to September 2018: € 4.800 (including the fee expected for the CILS certification) to be paid before the arrival in Venice.

Enrolment for the language course is now closed.

Preparatory Courses

The cost of the preparatory courses (including the 3 modules) is € 2.000. Students can complete the payment for the preparatory courses both before and after the arrival in Venice.

Applications are still open (see the application form).


file pdfApplication Form - Preparatory Courses783 K

Students are welcomed at their arrival and offered an orientation session which includes a description of their course of study, information about the University services and locations, etc.

University Services

Chinese speaking staff will be available for assistance and support to the students.

The Ca’ Foscari Welcome Unit will provide students with information about the University and help them in the procedures for obtaining valid visas and residency permits in Italy.

Every student will be given access to the University facilities (libraries, electronic resources, wifi, etc).

Buddy system

The Buddy programme at Ca’ Foscari consists of volunteer Ca’ Foscari students whose role is to facilitate integration of international students at Ca’ Foscari University, academically, socially and culturally. Through the Buddy programme, Chinese students have the opportunity to meet their Italian peers---students of the Ca’ Foscari Department of Asian and North African Studies, one of the largest in Italy, with more than 1500 students enrolled in Chinese language and culture---enriching the intercultural aspect of their experience in Venice and at Ca’ Foscari.

Social Network

Students and their parents can get in contact with Ca’ Foscari University and the SIE through social media, such as WECHAT and the blog WEIBO.

Meals and accommodation

Ca' Foscari University can provide accommodation  for incoming students through its Housing Office. Costs vary according to the type of lodging. The SIE has already reserved some rooms in a residence in Venice, so as to facilitate students’ arrival.

Students will have access to the University cafeterias, where they can order a full meal at lunch and dinner (except Sundays). 

file pdfPre-departure guide for students [IT] [CN]