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The School for International Education is born from the experience of the Ca’ Foscari Summer School, operating from 2011 to September 2015

Ca’ Foscari Summer School was founded to offer a summer experience for both Ca’ Foscari students and students from around the world. This Summer School combined intensive academic courses from a variety of disciplines with an active involvement in the Summer community.

The courses organized by the Ca’ Foscari Summer School were aimed at enriching the university experience of students from Ca’ Foscari, as well as students from other Italian universities and indeed from all around the world, offering them the possibility to speed up their tertiary studies and to live a truly international experience within programmes such as the Ca' Foscari - Harvard Summer School.

During the years 2011-2015 the Summer School organized:

Academic courses

Intensive 6-week courses in a variety of disciplines, equivalent to the regular academic year programmes, with final exam.
Starting from Summer 2015, Summer academic courses are offered by the relevant Departments .

Past editions:
2012-2014 list of courses [IT]

Courses for International students

Since 2012/2013 the Summer School created a specific array of courses for international exchange students (Erasmus and others), including History, Art History, Italian literature and culture,  all taught in English; Italian as a foreign language is also on offer, from beginners to advanced.

These courses will be  taken up by the School for International Education.

Summer workshops

The Summer School also proposed summer workshops in Art, Science, Economics and Culture with the goal of opening the doors of the university to an intergenerational and international audience; the workshops were dedicated to practical knowledge, the “how to”, and the integration of multi-disciplinary practices, and covered topics from creative writing, journalism, theater and cinema courses, photography, painting, economics and finance and more specifically, management and marketing.

Previous editions:
2015 Edition [IT]
2014 Edition [IT]

International Summer Schools

The International Summer Schools aim at creating an international community of students and teachers, and provided an opportunity for Ca’ Foscari students to study side by side with students from all over the world. Courses are taught by both Ca’ Foscari professors and professors from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Students have the possibility to choose amongst a rich selection of courses offered in both Italian and English and participate in a rich programme to experience the city of Venice by means of guided tours, activities, sports and all of the events scheduled by the summer campus.

Among the most popular programs, the Ca’ Foscari Harvard Summer School and the Ca’ Foscari – Columbia Summer School, that will continue under the management of the CFSIE.