Global Studies

Globalization is producing  a growing interdependence of states, economies, societies, cultures, and people.
The Summer school in Global Studies focuses on globally shared issues such as global economy and inequalities, development and environment, geopolitics and geo-economy with special attention to the Mediterranean, and a “Country profile workshop” .
The teaching staff includes lecturers from Ca’ Foscari University and the Maritime Military Studies Institute of the Italian Military Navy.


Lessons and workshops are scheduled over 3 weeks in July, from 9th to 28th, for a total of 60 contact hours, amounting to 12 university credits to be recognized by the participants’ home university.



International Law - prof. Fabrizio Marrella, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

  • International Law
  • European Legislation

Globalization - prof. Giancarlo Corò, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

  • Why Globalisation is in trouble? Economic growth, digital technologies and rising inequalities
  • Global economy and local strategies: new capabilities for sustainable development

Geopolitics and Geoeconomy - prof. Stefano Soriani, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

  • Globalisation, new economic geography, and multi-level and multi-actors governance
  • Development, environmental sustainability and geopolitics
  • The Mediterranean: a space of conflict? A space of opportunities?

Introduction to Micro and Macroeconomics - Dr. Piero Pellizzaro, Maritime Military Studies Institute - Venice

Human Resources Management - prof. Andrea Pontiggia, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

  • Leadership and Management


Emotional and Social Competences Lab

Staff and conmmunication Skills

Country Profile Workshop


Venice, as a location is a further added value of the Summer School. The unique beauty, history and magic of the city all offer a suggestive setting for the young aspiring filmmakers, who come from every corner of the world. 

Classes will be held in the beautiful buildings of the Arsenale of Venice, at the Italian Military Navy base (base della Marina Militare).

How to apply

Dates, application procedures and costs will be soon available on this webpage. 

Last update: 11/04/2018