During the summer the School offers numerous opportunities to students from Ca’ Foscari and from all over the world. The Summer Session is an experience of intensive study within a community where learning means sharing interests and knowledge among students and teachers, as well as stimulating curiosity and passions that are often left out of the usual daily academic life.

"Sei x SIE (IT)": six weeks of individual summer courses open to everyone and on a range of topics, from Giotto to Carlo Scarpa, from design to mindfulness, from journalism to Italian culture.

Following a 10 year long tradition, the School organises joint programmes between Ca’ Foscari and Harvard University, Columbia University of New York, University of Ottawa, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, among others, which offer numerous courses in the humanities, and social and environmental sciences, as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Students enrolled in the summer session have the possibility of taking part in a range of activities and events that allow them to get to experience the city of Venice, its lagoon, its history and architecture, its art and its culture, and can participate in the numerous cultural events organised by the University.

The summer Orientation Programme “Choose your future!” is designed to help high school students in their last two years of study choose their future University studies. Students spend five days participating in lessons, seminars, cultural events, and workshops in order to have a taste of what university life is like at Ca’ Foscari, discovering its places, its services and numerous opportunities.

For those who love Italian language and culture the School also offers intensive Italian courses over the summer months in addition to programmes in Italian language and culture in Venice which offer not only expert Italian language teaching, but also culture classes and a variety of extra-curricular activities designed to enhance the students’ experience of Italy and Venice.

The foundation year, or foundation term, offers courses in Italian language and culture, and the opportunity for prospective students to take additional preparatory courses for their future degree curricula at Ca’ Foscari or other higher education institutions.

A special eight-month long program is designed for Chinese students within the Marco Polo/Turandot project.

In the field of languages, Italian is becoming increasingly requested by international students and by those with a passion for Italian culture and history. The School organises various courses and programmes on Italian language and culture all year long. During the semester the School offers Italian as a foreign language at any level (A1 to C1), as well as courses in English designed specifically for exchange students spending a study period at Ca' Foscari.

In summer 2016 the School offers intensive Italian courses and programmes in Italian language and culture in Venice.