Project Deliverable

Cortés, A. and Scantamburlo, T. (2021) Ethical Observatory Report, Deliverable_AI4EU_D5.2 (PDF)

Foffano, F., Scantamburlo, T. Cortés, A., (2021), “ELSEC for EU” Deliverable_AI4EU_D5.3 (PDF)

Cortés, A.,  Scantamburlo, T., Dignum, V., et al. (2019), “Report on the Deep Dive Piloting the Trustworthy AI Assessment List”, Deliverable_AI4EU_D5.6, confidential, shared only with the High-Level Expert Group on AI and the European Commission 

Scantamburlo, T., Steels, L., Cortes, A., and Cortes, U. (2019) “Report on the AI4EU Observatory”, Deliverable_AI4EU_D5.1 (PDF)

Peer Reviewed Papers

Foffano, F., Scantamburlo, T. & Cortés A. (2022) Investing in AI for social good: an analysis of European national strategies. AI & Soc (open access)

Scantamburlo, T. (2021) “Non-Empirical Problem in Fair Machine Learning”, Ethics and Information Technology, Springer (open access)

Scantamburlo, T., Cortés, A., Dewitte, P., Van Der Eycken, D., De Wolf, R., and Martens, M. (2021) “Covid-19 and tracing methodologies: A lesson for the future society”, Health and Technology, Springer (open access)

Foffano, F., Scantamburlo, T., Cortés, A., and Bissolo, C. (2020), “European strategy on AI: Are we truly fostering social good?”, IJCAI 2020 Workshop on AI for Social Good, 7-8 January 2021 (virtual event), available on arXiv 

Scantamburlo, T., Cortés, A., Schacht, M., “Progressing Towards Responsible AI”, ECAI 2020 International Workshop on Evaluating Progress in Artificial Intelligence, 4th September 2020 (virtual event), available on arXiv