Neat seminars
North-Eastern Applied Theory

What is NEAT?

The NEAT (North-Eastern Applied Theory) Seminars invite scholars working in economic theory, or with an interest in theory-driven applications and experiments.

They are organised by faculty members based in Padua and Venice. The meetings rotate between Padua, Venice, and online

Any scholar (including post-docs and doctoral students) is welcome to attend. If you wish to contact us or show your interest you can reach us at 

NEAT seminars
Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Università degli studi di Padova


Upcoming NEAT seminars

Location: University of Padua, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday March 24th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
SpeakerSarah Auster (University of Bonn)
Paper presented: "Timing decisions under model uncertainty"

Zoom link - 24th March

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Wednesday April 12th, 5pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Shurojit Chatterji (Singapore Management University)
Paper presented: "Efficiency with Heterogeneous Forecasts" 

Zoom link - 12th April

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday June 16th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
SpeakerLarry Samuelson (Yale)
Paper presented: "TBC" 

Location: Online only.
Date and time: Friday December 16th, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Pietro Ortoleva (Princeton University)
Paper presented: “Caution and Reference Effects”

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday November 18th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Federico Echenique (UC Berkeley)
Paper presented: "Empirical welfare economics" 

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday October 21st, 12.15pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Gregorio Curello (University of Bonn)
Paper presented: "Incentives for collective innovation"

Location: University of Padua, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday September 30th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Filippo Massari (University of Bologna)
Paper presented: "Good biases bad biases

Location: University of Padua, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Wednesday May 18th, 3pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Stephen Morris (MIT)
Paper presented: "The Power of Confidence and Ignorance in Coordination Problems"

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday April 22nd, 4pm (Central European time)
External Speaker: Antonio Cabrales (UC3M)
Paper presented: "Norms and the evolution of leaders’ followership"
Internal Speaker (at 3 pm): Niccolò Urbinati (Ca' Foscari)
Paper presented: “Market equilibrium via classification of commodities”

Location: Online only
Date and time: Friday March 25h, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Elliot Lipnowski (Columbia University)
Paper presented: "Curtailing Competition"

Location: University of Padua, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday February 18th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
External Speaker: Dino Gerardi (Collegio Carlo Alberto, and University of Turin)
Paper presented: "Delegation with endogenous states"
Internal Speaker (at 11.15 am): Orestis Troumpounis
Paper presented: "Technological change, campaign spending and polarization"

Location: Online only
Date and time: Friday January 28h, 12.15pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Juan Pereyra (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay)
Paper presented: "Optimal assignment mechanisms with imperfect verification"

Location: University of Padua, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday December 10th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
External Speaker: Leonardo Boncinelli (University of Florence)
Paper presented: "Strategy Assortativity and the Evolution of Parochialism" 
Internal Speaker (at 11.15 am): Alessia Russo (University of Padua)
Paper presented: “Intergenerational Insurance”

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday November 26th, 12.15pm (Central European time)
External Speaker: Ina Taneva (University of Edinburgh)
Paper presented: "Organized Information Transmission"
Internal Speaker (at 11.15 am): Andrès Salamanca (Ca’ Foscari)
Paper presented: “Biased mediators in conflict resolution”

Location: Online only
Date and time: Friday November 5h, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Alvaro Sandroni (Kellogg school of management, Northwestern University)
Paper presented: "The Evolution of Incompetence"

Location: University of Padua, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday October 22th, 11.15 am and 12.15pm (Central European time)
External Speaker: Antonio Miralles (University of Messina)
Paper presented: "Access to Better Schools in Stratified School Districts"
Internal Speaker (at 11.15am): Edoardo Grillo (University of Padua)
Paper presented:"The Perils of a Friendly Oversight"

Location: Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Dept. of Economics.
Date and time: Friday October 8th, 2021 12.15 and 2.45pm (Central European time)
External Speaker: Helios Herrera (Warwick University)
Paper presented: "Echo Chamber Elections"
Internal Speaker: Valerio Dotti (Ca’ Foscari)
Paper presented: "Consistent Flexibility: Enforcement of Fiscal Rules Through Political Incentives"

Date and time: Friday September 24th 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Roberto Serrano (Brown University)
Paper presented: "A Rationalization of the Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference"

Date and time: Friday May 7th 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Faruk Gul (Princeton)
Paper presented: "Lindahl equilibrium as a collective choice rule"

Date and time: Friday April 23rd 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Alessandro Bonatti (MIT)
Paper presented: "The economics of social data" 

Date and time: Friday April 9th 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Yusufcan Masatlioglu (Maryland)
Paper presented: "Progressive random choice" 

Date and time: Friday March 12th 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Nageeb Ali (Penn state)
Paper presented: "Voluntary disclosure and personalized pricing"  

Date and time: Friday March 5th 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Navin Kartik (Columbia)
Paper presented: "Improving information from manipulable data”

Date and time: Friday February 26th 2021, 5.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Guillaume Frechette (NYU)
Paper presented: "Beliefs in repeated games"

Date and time: Friday February 5th 2021, 12.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Jonathan Newton (Kyoto University)
Paper presented: "Deep and shallow thinking in the long run" 

Date and time: Friday December 11th 2020, 12.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Philippe Jehiel (UCL and PSE)
Paper presented: "Analogy-Based Expectation Equilibrium: Theory, Applications, and Beyond" 

Date and time: Friday November 27th 2020, 12.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Piero Gottardi (University of Oslo)
Paper presented: "Mediation design” 

Date and time: Friday November 6th 2020, 12.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Bard Harstad (University of Oslo)
Paper presented: "A Theory of Pledge-and-Review Bargaining” 

Date and time: Friday October 23rd 2020, 12.30pm (Central European time)
Speaker: David Levine (European University Institute)
Paper presented: "The Whip and the Bible: Punishment Versus Internalization" (with Rohan Dutta and Salvatore Modica) 

Date and time: Tuesday October 6th 2020, 1pm (Central European time)
Speaker: Alberto Bennardo (University of Salerno)
Paper presented: Acquisition and communication of hard information in a multitask principal-agent relationship"



12th Conference on Economic Design (9-11 June 2022)

Location: Padua
The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padua is hosting the 12th Conference on Economic Design on 9-11 June 2022.
Further information about the conference, including details on registration, travel, fees, and dates, is available at the webpage of the conference. 

Workshop "Economic choices under partial representations" (27-28 June 2022)

Location: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Invited speakers:

  • Chiara Aino (University Zurich)
  • Vessela Daskalova (Toulouse School of Economics)
  • Andrew Ellis (London School of Economics)
  • Mira Frick (Yale University)
  • Jeanne Hagenbach (SciencesPo Paris)
  • Paul Heidhues (University Düsseldorf )
  • Willemien Kets (Oxford University)
  • Paola Manzini (University of Sussex) 
  • Yusufcan Masatlioglu (U. Maryland)
  • Stefania Minardi (HEC Paris)
  • Jakub Steiner (CERGE-EI)
  • Heidi Thysen (London School of Economics)
file pdfProgramme4.01 M