Current year activites

October 2020 - collaboration with the project "GREgORI"

In October 2020, FLOS started a collaboration with the project "GREgORI" based at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, for the lemmatization and the grammatical analysis of Syriac patristic florilegia.

June 2020 - report publication of the conference "Florilegia Syriaca" 

In June 2020, Emiliano Fiori published a detailed report of the workshop "Florilegia Syriaca" held at Ca' Foscari University on 30 January - 1 February 2020. The publication appeared in the COMSt bulletin 6:1.

March 2020 - collaboration with Dr Matthew Crawford's project

In March 2020, FLOS established a collaboration with the project "The Bishop versus the Emperor: Social Imagination and Intellectual Formation in Late Antique Alexandria" led by Dr. Matthew Crawford of the Australian Catholic University at Melbourne and funded by the Australian Research Council.

30/01/2020 - Florilegia Syriaca, Mapping a Knowledge-Organizing Practice in the Syriac World

On January 30 - February 1 2020 the first international workshop of the FLOS project took place at Ca' Foscari University.


Past year activities

19-24/08/2019 - 18th Patristic Conference

On August 19-24 2019 Emiliano Fiori attended the 18th Patristic Conference, Oxford and presented some further results of the project

16-19/06/2019 - 8th North American Syriac Symposium

On June 16-19 2019 Emiliano Fiori and Claudia Simonelli attended the 8th North American Syriac Symposium at Brown University, Providence, USA and presented the first collective results of the project.

30-31/05/2019 - The Neoplatonic-Aristotelian Tradition in the Jewish-Christian-Muslim Kalam

On May 30-31 2019 Emiliano Fiori was invited to Mexico City to present some results of his own FLOS-related research at the Universidad Panamericana

25/03/2019 - Project presentation

On March 25 2019 Emiliano Fiori, Bishara Ebeid, and Claudia Simonelli presented the project [ITA] at Ca' Foscari University

12-15/06/2018 - symposium celebrating the 80th birthday of Sebastian Brock

On June 12-15 2018 Emiliano Fiori presented FLOS at the symposium celebrating the 80th birthday of Sebastian Brock in Sigtuna, Sweden, Sankt Ignatios College.
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