AAI - Settore Governance e processi sostenibili

Sustainability Office
Unit Coordinator

Macro activity:

Managing relations with national and international sustainability networks and organisations and coordinating related participation activities. Data collection and documentation; proposal and management of shared projects and organisation of study initiatives and dissemination of best practices.

  • Coordination of activities relating to thematic networks on sustainability
  • Management of contacts with national and international sustainability bodies and organisations
  • Collection of data and analysis for thematic networks and rankings
  • Collection and study of best practices regarding wellbeing, organisation, innovation and efficiency
  • Stipulation of agreements, participation in and organisation of initiatives, drafting of documents

Planning and coordination of activities relating to the incorporation of environmental, social and economic sustainability into the University's processes in collaboration with the other structures of the administration and the political-administrative bodies.

  • Design and supervision of actions for the dissemination of an organisational culture of sustainability
  • Research and development of thematic projects relating to the University's processes
  • Drafting of policy documents containing sustainability objectives and commitments

Reporting and monitoring of the University's sustainability policies with a focus on plans related to gender equality and the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda and gathering feedback from the University's internal and external stakeholders.

  • Dialogue activities with staff to gather feedback on the policies implemented by the University
  • Dialogue activities with staff to gather feedback on the policies implemented by the University
  • Annual drafting of the Sustainability Report, according to national and international standards