Overseas mobility - outgoing students

Ca' Foscari University of Venice holds several Agreements for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation with International non-EU universities and institutions with the aim of developing joint study, research and teaching activities and promoting the mobility of students, researchers and professors.

Thanks to these agreements, students can attend courses and take exams at qualified international universities without paying additional fees. These exams, with the written approval of a Ca’ Foscari professor in the Learning Agreement form, will be given university credits and recorded into the student’s university career.

Fly abroad with Overseas programme

To find out if the universities you intend to apply to really fit your needs, we recommend consulting the final reports completed by Ca’ Foscari exchange students upon their return.
We suggest you to check the website of Farnesina.

Contacts and reservations
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2nd Call Overseas 2018/2019

file pdf2nd Call Overseas 2018 2019 [ITA]391 K
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file pdfReimbursements 2nd call Overseas 2018 2019116 K
  • Your mobility can be carried out in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2018/2019;
  • The Overseas Programme does not provide a monthly grant but a partial reimbursement (as specified in the Attachment "Reimbursements") to be paid out to the students' Carta Conto upon their return after submission of expense documentation including: plane tickets, accommodation expenses, cost of visa, health insurance, transport to and from airport, textbooks, utility bills, season tickets, transport; in addition the student will receive a Bonus after registering at least 12 ECTS taken abroad;
  • You are not necessarily required to have specific language qualifications prior to the deadline of the Overseas Call but some universities will require you to submit certification before the deadline for the submission of your application. It is up to students to obtain the requested certification within the deadlines laid down;
  • Some universities may request specific vaccinations, blood tests, physical fitness tests or bank certificates in addition to the other documents required for application;
  • The confirmation of final acceptance, after submission of all documentation requested, will be given by the host university.

Requirements for the application

Bachelor's Degree Students

Students can apply from the 1st  year of their undergraduate programme onwards, having registered by the deadline of the Overseas call at least:

  • 12 CFU if enrolled at the 1st year;
  • 36 CFU  if enrolled from the 2nd year onwards.

If they are enrolled in an MA programme at Ca’ Foscari at the time of their departure, they should consult the list of Destinations in the section dedicated to MA degree programme and confirm their intention to graduate in the “notes” of the Overseas Call. 

Master's Degrees Students

Master's degree students are admitted directly to the selection procedure for the Overseas Call.

PhD and Professional Masters Students

PhD and Professional Masters students are admitted directly to the selection procedure for the Overseas Call.

How to apply

Students will be able to apply in their Personal Area > Bandi di Mobilità > 2° Bando Overseas a.a. 2018/2019.

1st Call Overseas 2018/2019

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file pdfRanking grants 5.000 euros138 K

2nd call Overseas 2017/2018

file pdf2nd call Overseas a.y. 2017/2018 [ITA]
Deadline for applications: 30th June 2017, at 12.30
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file pdfDestinations [ITA]
From 1st June 2017 the University of Regina, Canada, asks to all incoming students to pay 150 dollars for administrative fees.
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1st call Overseas 2017/2018

file pdf1st call Overseas 2017/2018
Deadline for applications: 13th January 2017, at 12.30
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file pdfFinancial incentives for mobility - Bachelor's and Master's [ITA]129 K
file pdfFinancial incentives for mobility - PhD [ITA]103 K
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Departure, Stay and Return

The following information refer to students who gained a place both in the first and in the second call.

If you are successful in your Application

If your name appears in the Selection List, by the deadline stated by the International Office, you must send an email to  overseasout@unive.it indicating whether you intend to accept or refuse your place.

ATTENTION: once you accept one destination your name will be cancelled from the other lists you are in.

You must then wait until the International Office has sent your name to the host university before proceeding to prepare the documents necessary for your application. For information please write to  overseasout@unive.it.

Before your Departure

Before your departure you must complete the Learning Agreement for Study or Thesis Research and submit it to the Chairperson of the Teaching Committee of your degree programme for signing, and then to the International Office (the Departments of Management and of Asian and North African Studies have put an advisor in charge of each geographical area: please contact  overseasout@unive.it for details).

During your Stay

During your stay you should:

  • Complete your Confirmation of Arrival and send it to  overseasout@unive.it;
  • Take the Learning Agreement to be signed by the host university and send to  overseasout@unive.it;
  • Complete the Changes to the Learning Agreement form if you wish to change the exams you are taking; the document should first be sent to your coordinator and then to the International Office at  overseasout@unive.it;
  • To extend your study period abroad complete the Application for Extension of Mobility Period form then send to  overseasout@unive.it. Your request must first be confirmed by Ca’ Foscari and then by the host university
  • At the end of your study period complete the Confirmation of Departure form and send to  overseasout@unive.it.

After your Return

After your return, you must submit all documents (Confirmation of Arrival and Departure, Learning Agreement, Changes to the Learning Agreement, Expense reimbursement form and Transcript of Records – if you have it) to the International Office  by email to  overseasout@unive.it.

The Credit Recognition Form is the document that you must either send by email or hand over in person to the Coordinator who signed your Learning Agreement and Changes to the Learning Agreement forms. 

Once the coordinator has signed the form, you must submit it by email o the International Office ( overseasout@unive.it) in order to get your grades registered.

Hard copies are not needed.

Last update: 22/10/2018