Promoting tourism as an integral part of economic and social development, creating material and cultural wealth for businesses and destinations in Italy and beyond.

The quality of our research studies and consultancy services, together with our outstanding experience in education and professional training, are unmatched in the field. National and international partners know they can count on our extensive knowledge and expertise. We provide the tourism industry, local authorities and future generations of tourism industry operators with the tools to successfully engage with the market in an innovative way.


Being able to single out tourist needs, within the overall evolution of consumption patterns and consumer behaviour, is the first step to understanding market trends and opportunities. We help business organizations and destinations to interpret these trends. 

In particular:

We create customized tools for operators (market analyses, demand segmentation, market observatories)·

We provide continuously updated market forecasts (short-term analyses on the expectations of tourism operators; the TRIP model on tourism flows to and from Italy)

We support organizations that provide statistical data (Eurostat, UNWTO, ISTAT) to build a homogeneous body of information that can be used to direct policies and decision-making Tourism Observatories.

The Veneto Regional Government and the Provinces of Treviso and Siena appointed Ciset to develop and manage a Tourism Observatory able to provide local operators with up-to-date and precise information on tourism trends in their regions. 

Market analysis and lines of action. On behalf of various public and private organizations, including the Mexican Tourism Board, the Veneto Regional government and Parma Exhibition Centre, Ciset has produced a set of guidelines for developing promotional and marketing strategies in national and international markets, starting from an analysis of holiday behaviour of actual and potential visitors. 

Support to international and national statistics organisations. On behalf of Eurostat and in co-operation with other partners, Ciset has developed a Methodological manual on the design and implementation of surveys on inbound tourism.


By combining our professional know-how with an umbrella approach, we advise and guide public and private operators on the best strategies and actions to take, by:

  • Identifying the key competitive factors of a destination and its potential for future development
  • Monitoring performance to track and evaluate change
  • Analysing physical accessibility (transport) and virtual accessibility (Internet)

Devising plans for tourism development and strategic marketing. Acting as consultant for many Italian regions, like Valle d’Aosta, Sardinia, Apulia and Calabria, Ciset has developed their marketing plans by studying the situation in terms of supply and the market, defining the types of interventions to be carried out for the product or the destination as a whole, and suggesting actions for Web marketing and for brand communication and management Ciset has also assisted the European Parliament in defining a coherent approach to tourism policies and policy-making and has worked with local authorities to draw up a set of strategic guidelines for tourism development, starting with a study of destination competitiveness together with an analysis of its individual products (seaside, culture, etc.).


We investigate and analyse the economic importance of tourism and are at the forefront of the current debate on sustainability in the tourism industry and on responsible tourism.

Thanks to our nationally and internationally-acknowledged expertise, the Ministry of the Economy of Slovenia and the Belgian Ministry for Economic Affairs, the Presidency Government of the Canary Islands, the Veneto Regional government, the Milan Chamber of Commerce and numerous other institutions have called on Ciset to evaluate the consumption behaviour of tourists at local level and to measure the impact of tourist expenditure in terms of added value. 

As member of the Steering Group of Agenda 21 on behalf of the European Commission, Ciset has contributed to the identification of a set of environmental performance indicators. Within the EU project EARTH, the Centre has also developed a methodology to help tourism SMEs (in particular, tour operators) to assess the reporting systems for measuring CSR available on the market, according to their specific characteristics and requirements.


We develop different instruments to give added value to the cultural resources of a destination or an area. Thanks to our two decades of experience in defining strategies for sustainable development in historic centres and cultural sites, and drawing on our extensive knowledge of cultural tourism trends, we can offer:

Specialised knowledge of the market for cultural tourism, appropriate for shaping destination management strategies for art cities, scenic destinations etc. 

Tools to assess investment potential in cultural resources (historical, archeological, museums, etc.) with regard to their pull factors in different tourist target market segments.

Plans for the promotion and development of museums, parks, archeological sites, etc. 


As pioneers in the field, we have been studying the effects of IT innovation on the market and on the tourism industry as a whole since the 1990s, providing:

In-depth studies of web and social media users and support to Web content integration and optimisation

Analyses of the use of technology in tourism enterprises and its impact on business models.

Guidelines on building integrated information platforms for destinations.


We support tourism enterprises in improving and reshaping their organisational and management strategies, by:

Developing innovation strategies and tools to help them keeping pace with technology and tourism market evolution. 

Assessing business performance and identifying strategic variables for successful management and profitability.

Providing guidelines for succession management and generational transfer.




CISET has been involved in the development of ETIS – The European Tourism Indicator Systems, which was launched in 2013 – and revised in 2016 - by the European Commission, with the aim of supporting European destinations to monitor, measure and manage their tourism development in terms of economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability. ETIS is a management, information and monitoring tool based on a set of 43 core indicators and a list of possible supplementary indicators.

Mara Manente was part of the pool of experts set up by the European Commission in order to support the definition, assessment and revision of ETIS during two pilot phases on more than 200 European destinations. 



Mara Manente and Erica Mingotto were involved in the task force team for a project commissioned in 2016 by the Council of Europe and addressed to the Cultural Routes.

The projects aimed at developing a measurement and quality control tool, which will assess and ensure the economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability of the Cultural Routes.

This tool adapts the ETIS system to the specificity of the Cultural Routes and it allows to improve and integrate the “Council of Europe Cultural Routes evaluation check-list” with criteria and indicators linked to sustainable tourism.



CISET has a 10 year long experience in experiential learning and in coordinating live projects, and a wide knowledge of the needs of the tourism industry in terms of employees’ and managers’ skills.

Building on this expertise, CISET was a partner in some Leonardo and Erasmus projects and teamed up with Manchester Metropolitian University to help different higher education institutions in northern and eastern Europe to implement tailored applied research projects, experiential learning approaches, live projects, and supporting in the development of the curriculum, and of the quality system of new university programmes.

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