Debating the origins

"Le Origini di Venezia", G. Ortalli

2014, Civiltà dell'Acqua

"...Venice started when the Roman Empire collapsed. Under the pressure of people who come from the north (Barbarians), people from mainland find salvation on the lagoon islands. The water act as a wall, and defends the Venetians..."

1 Minuto di Storia, TG1

La Nascita di Venezia, 2011, Servizio di Gianni Bisiach

"The birth of the enchanting lagoon city is fostered by shocking events. In the mid of 5th century, the Roman-Venetian citizenship of  Concordia, Aquileia, and Eraclea (...) they have to seek refuge on the coasts on the small islands to escape the barbarian hordes coming from the east."

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