A new spin-off: Ve Nice 

Ve Nice, a new spin-off of Ca’ Foscari University, was born on July 10th. The core business of Ve Nice (Natural, Innovative and Efficient Cosmetics from Venetian University) is the development of innovative and technologically advanced processes and formulations for the production of chemicals to be used in cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics. The five founding members of Ve Nice are part of the CATMAT group, they have a multidisciplinary nature (two chemists, one material science researcher, one pharmacist, one management engineer) and they are all PhD women.

Ve Nice won the price for the best Innovative Start up in Veneto 

Ve Nice, the new spin off of Ca' Foscari, was awarded by MF Class Editors during the MF Veneto Awards [ITA] as the best innovative start up in Veneto.

Cristina Pizzolitto participated in EFCATS Young generation catalysis challenge

Cristina Pizzolitto is the winner of the italian selection for The EFCATS Young generation catalysis challenge 2018". She has represented Italy in June in the EFCATS - (European Federation of Catalysis Societies) catalysis contest for young researchers from all EFCATS member countries. The goal of the competition was for the teams of competitors (4-5 members per team thereby representing an international mixture) to write a 10 page research proposal over one and a half days on a predefined topic. 

Cristina was selected not only for her scientific results, but through the presentation of  a 3 min movie she demonstrated her  abilities to communicate and interact with other team members,  to act as a team leader, at the same time showing the imagination required to set up a catalysis project, which is not only scientifically sound, but also challenging and provocative.

Industrial collaborations

CATMAT is available for researches in partnership with companies in order to collaborate on projects of common interest. In this way, companies can have access to the knowledge and skills of the CATMAT researchers, laboratories and research facilities.
The partnership can be developed through:

  • Research projects;
  • Funding of research grants, doctoral scholarships on selected topics;
  • An industrial doctorate that allows companies to train, through a PhD program on a selected topic, their employees already engaged in highly qualified activities.

CATMAT has been already involved in many collaborations with industrial partners, such as Evonik, Casale, MTS, TEXA, Unired, H.D.R., Italcementi.

Our thesis proposals

All CATMAT thesis projects involve the design of innovative materials, their characterisation and their use for desired applications. Some topics:

  • Formulation of highly performant cosmetics from natural raw materials
  • Formulation of innovative materials for drug delivery systems
  • Formulation of inexpensive, innovative multifunctional materials to be used in green building industry
  • How to store sunlight? Photocatalysis turns CO2 and bio-alcohols into solar fuels
  • Energy relies on hydrogen: how to obtain it by renewable sustainable sources?
  • Waste to wheel (w2w): how to turn biomass into chemicals and fuels? Development of process to upgrade lignocellulosis wastes