Horizon Europe 2021-2027

EU budget for the future. Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the next Research and Innovation European Framework Programme.

With a budget of around € 100 billion for 2021-2027, it will be the most ambitious R&I funding programme ever.

Contacts and reservations

What’s new?

Following the experience of Horizon 2020, the new Framework Programme will continue to drive Europe’s scientific excellence with a new mission-oriented approach. This will help define a new way to achieve wider social and policy aims as well as economic goals.

The programme aims to:

  • strengthen EU science and technology thanks to increased investment in highly skilled people and cutting-edge research
  • deliver on the EU’s strategic priorities, and tackle global challenges that affect the quality of our daily lives
  • foster the EU’s industrial competitiveness and its innovation performance, supporting market-creating innovation

A simpler and improved programme

Further improvements have been developed to simplify rules, funding models and forms of grants, and to disseminate and exploit further research results.

Programme structure

Pillar 1 - Open Science

  • European Research Council
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • Infrastructures

Pillar 2  - Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness

  • Clusters:

    • Health
    • Inclusive and Secure Society
    • Digital and Industry
    • Climate, Energy and Mobility
    • Food and natural resources

  • Joint Research Centre

Pillar 3 - Open Innovation

  • European Innovation Council
  • European innovation ecosystems
  • European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Strengthening the European Research Area

  • Sharing excellence
  • Reforming and Enhancing the European R&I system

Following last 7th June 2018 presentation of the programme by the European Commission, the Council and European Parliament will negotiate and adopt the programme, which will be in force as of 1st January 2021.

All information is available on the European Commission website. Last 30th November 2018 the European Council agreed its position on the programme.

You can find further updates on the programme on APRE’s platform Obiettivo FP9.

Last update: 31/05/2019