The Defensive City

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The Italian artist Paolo Ciregia is the winner of the Sustainable Art Prize 2018, which was organized by Sustainable Ca’ Foscari during the ArtVerona fair and introduced by the art gallery “L’Elefante”. Ca’ Foscari University will collaborate with Paolo Ciregia in order to create the art installation “THE DEFENSIVE CITY. Barriere (im)percettibili nel contesto urbano contemporaneo” ( “THE DEFENSIVE CITY. (Im)perceptible barriers in the contemporary urban scenario”). The creation of the art installation will be enriched by public meetings and workshops for Ca’ Foscari students.
The art project is based on the 11th Goal of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations for the Sustainable Development entitled “Sustainable cities and communities”. From this perspective, the aim of the art project is to stimulate a reflection on the coincidental, random and hidden barriers that work against the sustainable development of our cities. The artist would also like to uncover and analyse the spread of this “urban decorations” that lead to marginalisation and that are imperceptible by our eyes but perceptible by our body.

The Project

Throughout workshops for students and seminars for all the citizens, Venice and Ca’ Foscari University will become the settings for the research and the analysis of the urban scenario and in particular of the hidden and imperceptible barriers that permeate every corner of the architectonical context. Some thematic meetings directed to the students who signed up for the project are to be held on March and April in order to discuss and deepen the topic of the barriers in the particular scenario of Ca’ Foscari University. Some artists but also lectures, professors and researchers from Ca’ Foscari are going to talk about their experiences so as to provide a scientific approach to the meetings.
The students who collaborates with the artist for the creation of the art installation are called to take photos of every physical barrier they meet during their daily routine. After that, they will realize an online digital database dedicated to the recollection of their photos. Furthermore, an important part of the project where the students will cover a significant role is the writing of a catalogue where the results of the research conducted among the regional and national urban scenarios are going to be resumed. Moreover , Paolo Ciregia will use the catalogue as the starting point for the creation of his art installation that will be exposed on autumn 2019 in the historical central building of Ca’ Foscari.

Last update: 28/10/2019