We will set up a network of internationally renowned scholars working in Epicurean and Hellenistic philosophy in order to coordinate the participants' research in a harmonious and fruitful way.

The theme of the project will therefore be explored, according methods of research adopted by the participants, on the basis of the new textual discoveries that, while fragmentary, are crucial to ensuring an innovative historical reconstruction of Epicureanism and of its polemical engagement with the other philosophical schools of its day.

Cartography of Epicurean philosophers

The expected outcome is the outlining of a “new” Epicureanism that, in terms of its complexity and articulation, is compatible with – yet at the same time – diverges from the texts transmitted by Book 10 of Diogenes Laertius' Lives of Eminent Philosophers; an Epicureanism whose defining feature is a commitment to debate, and which allows us to recompose the fracture between science and philosophy that is supposedly typical of the Hellenistic Age within a unitary and coherent framework.

Epicuro, eyes
Diogenes, Oinoanda, Doorway