Energy, Climate Change and Environmental Risks

Objectives and contents 

The problem of Energy is very important for the present and the future of human activity. Its provision, use, exploitation of energetic resources and the reduction of the environmental impact, resulting in their use, does not only represent important themes of political-economic character, but is also a real technical-scientific challenge with strong relevance.

The principal objectives of the Minor are to provide a methodological training in understanding, evaluation and management of Energy problems.

 In particular it proposes to:

  • Provide the understanding of production, distribution and energy use in the different forms taking into consideration, whether renewable or non-renewable
  • Evaluate the environmental and socio-economic implications on the energy system, with particular reference to climate change and the effects on the environment and the well-being of human beings.


Italian / English  

Student requirements

This Minor is aimed to students on all degree programmes at the University.
There is no maximum number of participants.

Modules that make up the Minor

Academic year 2017/2018

Curriculum PERCORSO COMUNE (Students enrolled till 2017)