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New CartaConto for students and staff

The new CartaConto, in collaboration with Gruppo Crédit Agricole Italia, will substitute the previous Carta Multiservizi for students and academic and PTA staff.

Ca’ Foscari students at the Summer Camp with children from Fukushima

Twenty children residing in the most contaminating areas of Fukushima will spend part of their Summer in Italy at the “Orto dei Sogni” assisted by interns and volunteers of Ca' Foscari.

Scientists and firms to eliminate chrome from tanning

Tanning without using chrome is possible. Scientists and firms are proving it with the first project dedicated to sustainability of tanning involving researchers of Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

Mathematics brings students and Professors from Harvard and Ca’ Foscari together

A group of students, many of whom won admission to Harvard, are studying advanced mathematics at Ca’ Foscari's Summer School, at its twelfth edition, organized by the School for international Education (SIE).