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English Year 1 both groups: homework for 29th and 30th November 2017.

Pubblicato il 23/11/2017

This week we finished NEF 2B by listening to an interview about childhood memories. In Has we checked homework and then we looked at how to correct sentences using a text (sent to you). We also briefly looked at paragraphs on 'Trade Fairs' started by you last week.


NEF: finish workbook 2B; finish all Revise and Check 1 and 2 (except video); do worksheet on Noun Suffixes. 

French group only: finish worksheet on Past Habits

HAS: pg. 30 ex. 10 and 11; pg. 31  on Rephrasing ex. 4, 5

Also, try to read or watch something about the English Language or Sources of Energy. or Globalisation.

English Year 1 Group E (German/Portugese): homework for 23/11/17

Pubblicato il 20/11/2017

This week we finished the reading on pg. 18-19. Then we looked at narrative tenses. In HAS we did a couple of exercises on pg. 18 and then looked at writing discursive essays in U.3 and parahrasing (homework).
NEF: grammar and reading on pgs. 22-23.
HAS: pg. 18 ex. 18, pg. 26 ex. 3 and 4. Also, finish the paragraphs started in class and paraphrases.
Please also bring the worksheet on noun suffixes (sent to you) to class.

Year 2: homework for 28/11/17

Pubblicato il 20/11/2017

This week we finished NEF 7A and continued with 7B looking at verbs of the senses. We also listened to the TED talk on schools and creativity and checked the answers to some questions. We then finished some work on writing essays and thesis sentences and started Skillful U.3.


NEF: finish the exercises on pg. 153 (Grammar bank ‘Senses’) and do the translations sent to you. You could also do the extra work on Senses and Colour (sent to you). There is also a key for these. Make sure that you have finished all the exercises in the workbook for 7A.


Listen to part 2 of the above-mentioned talk, write notes and then answer the questions provided.


Revise vocabulary and do ex. 1-5 (inc.) under Global Reading on pg. 28-29 after rereading the text on memory carefully.

Also, please do not forget to write an Argumentative Essay following the guidelines given in class and on pg. 122-123 in NEF. This is to be handed in on November 28th 2017. Ideally this will be typed with doubled spacing so that there is room for correction. The topic can be taken from NEF pg. 123, from the photocopies used in class or from the essay titles given last week.


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