Languages, Economics and Institutions of Asia and North Africa

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The Master’s Degree programme in Languages, Economics and Institutions of Asia and North Africa has the formative objective to prepare students to possess an elevated understanding in a language from Asia or Mediterranean Africa, with particular attention to the specific jargon relating to the economic and legal framework, combined with a solid knowledge of economic and business, legal, historical, political and socio-political reality relevant to the geographical area covered by the study and available in a specialized way, depending on the chosen curriculum. A fundamental element of the preparation is the competence of of sociolinguistic and communicative processes specific to the areas in question, aiming to allow the student to be able to resolve problems of a practical, ethical and socio-anthropological nature within intercultural communication, and in various aspects of the international corperation. The students, furthermore ,will have informatic and telematic skills, whether general or linked to the specific reference linguistic realities (software for writing in languages with different alphabets to those latin or non-alphabetic, the use and compilation of databases in these languages, etc.), as well as an in-depth understanding of the principle research tools and relative methodology, in the fields of social, political, economic and legal institutions of Asia and Mediterranean Africa.

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Selection admission ranking lists

Following the published ranking list, for the curricula LAMAC, LEIG e LISIC, all the places have been assigned; therefore there will not be a second round of selection.

For the LIPEA curriculum, the following candidates are invited to accept their place: 

  • Bellomo Benedetta;
  • Bernocchi Daniela;
  • Crocco Nicole;
  • Degli Innocenti Elena.

Candidates who wish to accept their place will have to fill-in the registration form and pay their first tuition fees by noon September 26th 2017.