Online questionnaire on the evaluation of teaching

Why should you fill out the questionnaire on the evaluation of teaching? The questions aim to explore your appreciation for the teaching you undertake. ​Completing the ​online ​questionnaire ​is ​anonymous and your answers will not be linked in any way to your identity. It is important that you take care when filling it in, as the questionnaire is a fundamental factor for allowing ​our ​education system​ ​to improve. In fact, professors and all accountable bodies of the University will use your opinions to evaluate the adequacy of educational material, the program and the content​s​ of the ​degree programme​. Thus, you will be an active part in the process of improving the quality of your​ degree​. The results of the questionnaires [IT] for every year are published ​altogether on ​the University website, ensuring the maximum level of transparenc​y.​

Registration for exams

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List of registered students

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List of registered students 

Exam schedule

The calendars published below concern exams taking place between Han - Feb 2018 (Jan 08th - Feb 03th 2018) for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of all scientific area courses.

For courses marked with "contact the teacher", the default preset date on the first day of the session (08 Jan) will appear in the lists of subscription.
The effective date of each examination will be agreed directly between teachers and students interested, but you need to respect the deadlines for registration (date indicated in the lists of subrscription from between 15 to 3 days before the exam date).

Please check the schedule for possible changes (date, time, location). For any questions regarding enrollment for exams, contact the Scientific Campus Secretariat:  campus.scientifico@unive.it.

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