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Lightness and meta-textuality: from India to Europe and back-DEADLINE January 31st 2019 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME- The present research project took shape from the desire to single out transverse patterns and tendencies, present in different and apparently distant literary traditions, such as the European literatures and the Indian literature in hindi language
Networks of Science and Waters: the diffusion of traditional irrigation techniques in the Islamic world-DEADLINE February 15th 2019 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME-Networks of Science and Waters will conduct an in-depth mapping of hydrological competences and knowledge of irrigation techniques in Arabic sources of the Islamic age, from the seventh until the thirteenth century. To this end, a research grant will be awarded to an individual researcher who will retrieve all information on irrigation techniqu
Kazakhstan: The Nation-Building process in between Russia, China and the Islamic world-DEADLINE March 8th 2019 ORE 12:00 ITALIAN TIME-The project aims to deepen some relevant aspects of contemporary Kazakhstan, with particular reference to the country's relations with Russia and China