11 Jan 2021 17:00

Euporia and Textual Criticism

on-line (Zoom)

EUPORIA 2021. Webinar series in Theories and Practices of the Annotation through Domain-Specific Languages

Religious landscapes and ritual dynamics in ancient Greek tragedy: annotation with DSLs in Anthropology of Greek religion

Speakers: Gloria Mugelli and Giulia Re (Laboratorio di Antropologia del Mondo Antico, Università di Pisa)


Euporia RAGT and Euporia LanGT are two related projects which adopt DSLs in a digital annotation for hermeneutics of ancient Greek tragic texts, in the field of Anthropology of Greek Religion. The annotation work is based on the same corpus and conceived to grant interoperability, although using two DSLs tailored on different research questions. Some case studies from Sophocles’ Oedipus Coloneus will show the formal and conceptual specificities of each DSL. The first one adopts a bottom-up approach, while the second one is based on semi-structured annotations expressed in triples. We will present and discuss the operating principles of an ontology modeling the key concepts of Greek religion and ritual, which can be used for querying the database of the annotated textual passages.

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The event will be held in English

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VeDPH; Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; ILC-CNR; CLARIN; CLARIN-IT; LAMA; University of Pisa



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