25 Jan 2021 17:00

Euporia and Textual Criticism

on-line (Zoom)

Marilena Crucitti e Ludovica Bosco, Euporia4Education project in Siracusa: analysis and translation of the Parodos of Aeschylus’ Persae

Paola Tosoni, Learning Greek and Latin with digital annotation: the Euporia4Education project

Filippo Lepori, The class without walls: the tutor’s experience

Paola Lacasella, Euporia4Education


P. Tosoni illustrates the theoretical bases of EuporiaEdu, which is the methodology developed to involve high school students in the collaborative and cooperative annotation of ancient Greek (and Latin) texts.
Marilena Crucitti and Ludovica Bosco describe the experience of teachers and students by adopting EuporiaEdu at Syracuse.
Filippo Lepori illustrates his experience as a tutor that supported teachers and students that adopted EuporiaEdu in Pisa.
Paola Lacasella discusses how to create a didactic unit by exploiting digital resources created by the students.


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The event will be held in English

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VeDPH; Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; ILC-CNR; CLARIN; CLARIN-IT; LAMA; University of Pisa



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