08 Mar 2021 17:00

Euporia 2021


EUPORIA 2021- Webinar series in Theories and Practices of the Annotation through Domain-Specific Languages
Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Christian D'Agata, 
"Annotating the name of the rose: a hermeneutic approach from DSL to TEI"
Paola Peratello,
"The Piraeus Lion's project work and future outlook"


C. D’Agata: The philological, linguistic, and thematic annotation of the variants of Umberto Eco's The name of the rose poses many questions from a hermeneutic perspective. The use of DSLs allows a free and respectful approach to the hermeneutic circle, where great importance is given to the taking awareness of the prejudice dictated by the methods and the context of interpretation. We need a trade-off between the freedom offered by a research-driven approach and the benefits of interoperability. For this reason, the second phase of our work addresses multiple revision cycles and the definition of a common and exportable tag vocabulary. In the third and final phase, we finally develop XSLT stylesheets to arrive at an XML-TEI output to share.

P. Peratello: On the basis of the literature gathered on the Piraeus Lion at the Venetian Arsenal, a website has been created as a virtual space collecting various types of contents regarding the Piraeus Lion: videos, photos, a 3D point cloud, a secondary-literature timeline, C.C. Rafn’s article on the runes of the statue (1855) in Danish, and the relative English translation. Both scholars and generic users indeed benefit from easy access to the website and its contents. With particular reference to the 3D point cloud, photos of each side of the statue of the Lion have been collected and processed by means of Agisoft Metashape: the final result is an image-based polygonal mesh. A future outlook will be discussed: more specifically, the annotation of metadata to a 3D point cloud, from an epigraphical and philological perspective.

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