20 May 2021 16:30

Science and Society, a Trust issue

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Trust is a crucial element of science communication, and of the relationship between science and society. In this event, we will address this issue from a variety of perspectives and the points of view of a scientist (Ilaria Capua), a sociologist of science (Massimiano Bucchi), an institutional communicator (Gian-Andri Casutt), a philosopher of science (Eleonora Montuschi), and an expert of information and misinformation spreading dynamics on social media (Fabiana Zollo).

We will explore how scientists and institutions can gain public confidence, but we will also discuss if it is necessary for the communicator to trust the other side, the public. We will investigate whether and when trust is one of the goals of science communication, when instead becomes an essential condition of effective communication.

Roberta Villa, a science journalist and collaborator of the QUEST project, will moderate the debate.   


  • Ilaria Capua (Director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida),
  • Massimiano Bucchi (Professor of Sociology of Science and Communication, University of Trento),
  • Gian-Andri Casutt (Head of Communications and Public Affairs at ETH-Rat, President EUPRIO),
  • Eleonora Montuschi (Professor in Philosophy of Science and Director of the centre Trust in Science at Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
  • Fabiana Zollo (Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, QUEST project).

Attend the event on Ca’ Foscari University of Venice’s Facebook page and Youtube channel. No registration is required. 

The event is in English. You will have at your disposal the simultaneous interpreting service ENG>ITA. To use the service, we kindly ask you to download the "VEASYT Conference" app, available for Android and iOS devices, to your smartphone or tablet.

You can therefore remove the volume on your computer and listen to the translation service in the desired language by entering the code 6559. During the webinar you can listen to the webinar in the original language from the computer, or mute the computer audio and listen to the simultaneous translation by the headphones from the smartphone.



The event will be held in English

Organized by

QUEST project, Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali, Informatica e Statistica, Ufficio Comunicazione e Promozione di Ateneo

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