22 Jan 2020 17:00

Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities

Malcanton Marcorà, 3° piano, sala Milone

Relatore: Alberto Campagnolo
Links and bindings. Towards meaningful descriptions of bookbindings on the Web and catalogues

Research on historical bookbindings has suffered for reasons that are both internal to the discipline and external. Internally, the almost exclusive focus on decorated bindings has hindered the development of methodologies to describe any kind of bookbinding, which externally, in turn, has impeded cataloguers from describing these objects—their structures in particular—creating a vicious circle in the production of resources on bookbindings. New technologies, such as databases at first, and Linked Open Data more recently, have started to offer a way to break this bookbinding resource vicious circle, and to add meaningful descriptions of bookbindings to library catalogues. The talk will present the state of the art and the project run at VeDPH in collaboration with the Marciana National Library on their collection of detached bindings.


The event will be held in Italian

Organized by

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; VeDPH


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