26 Nov 2020 10:00

Two-days Workshop on Git/GitHub

on-line (Zoom)

We are delighted to invite you to a two-day workshop on Git/GitHub. This workshop will cover the basic functionalities of the software Git and the platform GitHub. Two days, each day divided into two parts of three hours each.
Morning sessions: presentation of Git topics/features (theory and practice)
Afternoon sessions: hands-on exercises (developing a dynamic and collaborative digital scholarly edition)
Total hours for the workshop 12 hours 
Date 26 - 27 November
Language: Italian 

Maximum number of participants: 15/20 participants
If you are interested in participating, please compile this form:  by 19 of November.

Objectives of the workshop  
Learning the most relevant features regarding Git tool with references to GitHub platform. Git is a “distributed” Version Control System. It is able to handle the history of the changes made to tracked resources over a time period. Git allows users to manage the evolution of collaborative documents and to revisit and/or revert the content of these documents to a particular older state. GitHub is a development platform where it is possible to host and review Git repositories, and many more functionalities.

First day topics
Introduction to systems for version control
Preliminaries about command line environment
Installing Git and testing the correctness of the local installation
Git design model and the basic work-flow
Local version control: git init, git status, git add, git commit, git log
Local files: git rm, git mv
Second day topics
Git help: git help and man pages
Remote basics: GitHub, git remote, git push, git fetch, git pull
Searching and examination: git diff, git grep
Advanced log options 
Branching system: git branch, git checkout, git  merge
Handling the commit history: git rebase, git reset

Please write to for further information.


The event will be held in Italian

Organized by

VeDPH; Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; CNR-ILC

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