07 Dec 2020 17:00

Encoding a critical apparatus: the cases of “Musisque Deoque” and “Catullus Online”

on-line (Zoom)

EUPORIA 2021. Webinar series in Theories and Practices of the Annotation through Domain-Specific Languages

Encoding a critical apparatus: the cases of “Musisque Deoque” and “Catullus Online”

Speakers: Daniele Fusi and Daniel Kiss

Abstract: Critical editions sum up our knowledge of classical Latin texts. There is no reason for which they could not be produced digitally, according to the
guidelines prepared by the TEI Consortium; however, digital critical editions remain very rare. We present an ongoing upgrade to two pioneering digital editions: “Musisque Deoque” (MQDQ), which is a library of digital editions of Latin poetry,
mostly with a critical apparatus; and “Catullus Online” (CO), which is a born-digital critical edition of the poems of Catullus. In our upgrade, these editions will be reconstituted as a database with an abstract, highly atomized data model. This marks a divergence from the TEI
guidelines, which use the conceptual structure of an annotated text. TEI will be one possible output generated from our database. DSLs may come into play as
viable tools in the import, editing and export phase of our work.

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Organizers: Federico Boschetti (CoPHILAB, CHR-ILC, VeDPH) and Andrea Taddei (LAMA - University of Pisa)


The event will be held in English

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VeDPH; Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici; ILC-CNR; CLARIN; CLARIN-IT; LAMA; University of Pisa



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