18 Jan 2024 18:00

Il museo digitale. Esperienze e progetti

The Vedph is glad to announce "Il museo digitale. Esperienze e progetti", of Stefania De Vincentis, Editori Paparo 2023.

The introduction of new technologies for cataloging and communicating collections has clearly transformed the way we approach museology and museography. The idea that the viewer can personalize an art collection, accessible from the comfort of home, is now a concrete reality. Based on this premise, the book explores the potential links between the new forms of digital art history and digital museum projects, comparing experiences in museum and art history research between Europe and the United States.

The Getty Provenance Index, to which an in-depth study is dedicated, is proposed to illustrate the new research perspectives and implications of such resources in archival and digital museum fields.

The book will be presented on January 18, 17:30pm at Museo di Casa Romei, Ferrara. 

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