15 Sep 2021 09:00

WIVACE 2021 XV International Workshop on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation

Winterthur, Switzerland

Sept 15 – 17,
Winterthur, Switzerland

The International Workshop on Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation aims at bringing together researchers working in Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation to present and share their research in a multidisciplinary context. The workshop provides a forum for the discussion of new research directions and applications in these fields, where different disciplines could effectively meet. It was first held in 2007 in Sampieri (Ragusa), as the incorporation of two previously separately running workshops (WIVA and GSICE). After the success of the first edition, the workshop was organized in the following years in Venice (2008), Naples (2009), Parma (2012), Milan (2013), Vietri (2014), Bari (2015), Salerno (2016), Venice - ECLT Ca' Foscari (2017), Parma (2018) and Rende (2019).

This year WIVACE will host Special Sessions on Modern Mathematical Methods in Applied Complex Systems Sciencesand Artifical Life in the Lab.


Contributions solicited cover a variety of topics including but not limited to:

• Bioinspired Algorithms
• Bioinspired Robotics
• Coevolution and Collective Behavior
• Complex Systems
• Data-driven Self-regulating Systems
• Evolutionary Computation
• Evolutionary Approaches to Big Data and Big Data Streams
• Evolutionary Learning Systems
• Evolutionary Agents
• Modeling and Simulation of Artificial and Biological Systems
• Modeling and Simulation of Social and Economical Systems
• Modeling of Business Intelligence Systems
• Neural Computers
• Neuroevolution: Improving Deep Learning with Evolutionary Computation
• Self-organizing Cyber-Physical Systems
• Socio-inspired Swarm Intelligence Algorithms
• Synthetic and Systems Biology
• Systems Chemistry
• Theories and Applications of Artificial Life


The event will be held in English

Organized by

ZHAW School of Engineering


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