28 Feb 2022 13:00

AI4EU Observatory on Society and AI - video release

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Just released a new video on AI4EU - Europe’s AI-on-Demand Platform European Observatory on Society and Artificial Intelligence OSAI and Working Groups that has studied the impact of AI technologies across the EU...Enjoy!!

► AI4EU Observatory on Society and AI

► AI4EU Working Groups

European Observatory on Society and Artificial Intelligence (OSAI) aims at studying the impact of AI technologies across the European Union. Specifically, the Observatory supports the distribution and the discussion of knowledge about the Ethical, Legal, Socio-Economic and Cultural issues of AI (ELSEC-AI) within Europe. Our aim is to create a space for promoting a broad understanding and a free, honest dialogue about those issues among experts and lay people.

WorkingGroups (WGs) are semi-organised groups which gather people both within and outside the AI4EU project.
They aim to create a common space for reflection on Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Legal issues of AI (ELSEC AI) leveraging the contributions of experts from different fields and sectors. Participation is free and voluntary.

For further details about the activities and the evolution of WGs see the Observatory article on the ethical and legal AI WG  and the announcement of the AI & culture WG

▸ This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 825619.

Video credits: Venice Documentation Project

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European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT)

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