04 Apr 2022 09:00

The Four Seasons – A design thinking day on the future of work environment

Ca' Bottacin

The Four Seasons – a design thinking day on the future of work environments

Ca’ Bottacin, April 4, 9am-5pm.

A day with Venywhere, Vitra, Cisco, NICHE, ECLT

Starting from the current space allocation and utilization, the target of our session is – by immersing ourselves into the architecture "in situ" – to lay out an exercise of design concept that evolves Ca’ Bottacin's interior and exterior space (the inner courtyard) into a hub that will turn the palace – once again – into a landmark: the nucleus for a joint future of work and citizenship.
The exterior spaces could be seen as a membrane to enable new types of interactions with the external environment, both social (such as the city residents and temporary citizens) and natural, to re-think the borderlines between work and life. It also becomes a membrane that aligns to the course of the seasons, changing climate conditions, instigating inspiration and insights for the academic activities (e.g., seminars, lectures) and adjacent work activities (e.g., research, public events, co-creation, administration).

The questions to be considered during our session may include but are not limited to:
·      How can a work environment be centered around an increasingly hybrid work experience?
·      How can we explore new dimensions of work hybridity, such as inside/outside spaces, multiple places, walking /sitting? 
·      How can the work environment “grow”, “develop” and "evolve" with an ever-changing work experience?
·      How can work heedfully interrelate with the seasons and the elements of the natural environment?
·      How can the work environment be reconfigured depending on the type of work and the number of people or groups doing it, including the need to involve/engage others – who are not on-site - virtually 
·      How can the space stimulate activities engaging with the local community? 
·      How can Ca’ Bottacin become an integrated node of a wider distributed workspace-fabric in the city of Venice and beyond?

Organized by

Cisco, Vitra, NICHE, ECLT


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