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Pubblicato il 29/05/2020

29/05/2020: 1730-1830.
3/06/2020    1030-1200
12/06/2020. 1030-1200

VALUE CREATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP - [ET0080] (161165): Examinations: dates (changes and slots)

Pubblicato il 27/05/2020

Dear students, 

as you may have seen from my "avvisi" section in my webpage, and as I specified in the first lesson of my course (which you can find on. moodle) the exams will be oral. in particular, you will be asked to answer to three questions. related to the readings that were indicated in the syllabus. Given the number of subscribed students I had to organize a calendar that does not allow me to have the exam on the 28th. in particular I will dedicate the afternoons of the 3rd, 4th and fifth of june to the examinations. 

Your already subscribed to the official list, what I am asking you is to please fill in this form by putting your matriculation number in. the time slot that suits your agenda:

Please fill in the "free slots". They currently. are on the 3rd of june (1 slot), on the 4th (slot), on the 5th (6 slots) and on. the 6th (6 slots). 

Do not hesitate to write me for any problems you might have. 

I am sorry for the inconvenience but the situation brought me to decide for an oral examination and thus to redefine the. calendar. 

I will communicate the. link of the Google meet room tomorrow on the. "avvisi" section of my. webpage. 



Pubblicato il 26/05/2020

The examinations for the. course. will be oral. Students are invited to fill in the form to take part into the. exam, then to book a slot. by inserting their Matriculation number. in the following spreadsheet

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