High resolution climate modeling at AWI

07 Dicembre 2017 14:30

Campus Scientifico via Torino - edificio ALFA, Sala Conferenze Orio-Zanetto

Dmitry Sein, Alfred Wegener Institute (Bremerhaven, Germany)

The two different approaches in the high resolution climate modeling are presented. The first one - regional climate modeling with the global ocean and regional atmosphere model. It allows to focus on the selected regions of the world to downscale global GCM simulations.
The second approach is based on the global AWI Climate Model  (AWI-CM) setups with high resolution ocean model and utilize the AWI-CM capabilities of finite element discretization in the ocean. We have made several attempts to increase ocean model horizontal resolution inthe regions that are potentially important for the ocean model dynamics.
The results of simulations with both approaches are presented and discussed.


Davide Zanchettin

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