Intimate (In)Justice: Gender And Sexuality In The Politics Of Borders

11 Febbraio 2019 09:30

Aula Valent, Malcanton Marcorà, IV floor, Dorsoduro 3484/D, 30123 Venice

11-12 February 2019
DomEQUAL and EU Border Care Joint Workshop

This collaborative interdisciplinary workshop will address how issues of gender and sexuality come into sight in the ideals and practices of border regimes, in the context of international mobility. We aim to address the peculiar ways in which gender and sexuality intersects with social, racial and cultural discrimination during international crossings or in migrant’s everyday lived experience. Junior and senior scholars from the social sciences and the humanities will discuss contemporary forms that border regimes take through the lens of gender and sexuality. The goal of the workshop is to stimulate critical and engaged scholarship and to foster new ideas for a revived feminist agenda on migration issues.

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Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, DomEQUAL, ERC


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