20 Mar 2023 10:00

Exploring parallels about ethnobotany of migrant people in Brazil

Sala Marino Berengo - Ca' Foscari Main building

Titele: Exploring parallels about ethnobotany of migrant people in Brazil and multicultural perspectives in ethnobotany

Speaker: Natalia Hanazaki 

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In  this seminar I will approach the research focused in traditional ecological knowledge and biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian context, with an emphasis into the ethnobotanical approach. As a multicultural country, Brazil has several groups recognized as traditional people but also a national identity strongly influenced by Portuguese and European colonizers, mixed with important indigenous and African heritages. In the last century, other groups contributed to the national identity, such as Italians, Germans, Spaniards, Japanese, and people from Arab countries. Studies investigating how these traditional people historically use and depend on natural resources can contribute to the conservation of the biodiversity of this megadivese country.  Considering this multicultural perspective, potential areas to deepen further investigations are related not only to those historical migrations but also to more recent migrant movements, in an increasingly connected world.

Bio Sketch:
Natalia Hanazaki is a professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, and Visiting Scholar at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice form 15th March until 14th September 2023.


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