14 Dic 2020 10:00

Creating digital text corpora from archival materials

on-line (Zoom)

The workshop would focus on practices of creating and improving digital text corpora, from archival materials and early prints, for project-related research with a focus on the 17th century. Participants will discuss their ongoing or recently completed projects and share knowhow through concrete experience.

Panel 1 –  Corpora of Early Modern Texts 10:00-12:00

David McOmish (Ca’ Foscari, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow) : “Reforming a 17th century university: Cohering archival miscellany through digital integration”

Cristina Marras (CNR/ILIESI, Rome) : “Towards a digital ecosystem: intertextuality and hypertextuality in Leibniz's selected texts corpus”

Pietro Daniel Omodeo (Ca’ Foscari), “A digital edition of scientific reports and fishermen interviews related to the hydrogeological history of Venice in the 17th century”

Jonathan Regier (Ca’ Foscari, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow), “How accurate is accurate enough? Trade-offs and compromises in automated transcription of an early modern printed corpus

Panel 2 – Text Recognition and Annotation 13:00-15:00

Tobias Hodel (Universität Bern, READ Project) : “Handwritten Text Recognition – State of the art and remaining problems”

Stephen White (Ca’ Foscari, READ Software) : “Human augment technology for creating digital research resources”

Stefan Zathammer (Universität Innsbruck, Project Noscemus) : “Neo-Latin texts in print: solved and unsolved problems in automated text recognition”

Enrico Pasini (Università degli Studi di Torino, CNR/ILIESI) : “Metadata vs. annotation and the history of thought: Time to shift the focus?”

Panel 3 – Communities and Digital Landscapes 15:15-17:15

Francesca Frontini, Monica Monachini (CNR/CLARIN-IT) : “CLARIN: tools, methods, services, best practices for digital corpora”

Federico Boschetti (VeDPH/CNR) : “Creating corpora from archival materials as an educational and social activity” 

Hannah Marcus (Harvard University) : “Erasing the Digital Humanities” 

Massimo Warglien, with with Marco Paladini, Costanza Sartoris, Michele Schiavinato, Carlo Santagiustina (Ca’ Foscari), Gabriella Traviglia (Science Gallery): “Creating a community digital memory archive: Aqua Granda 2019

Free Discussion – 17:15-18:00


Organizers: Franz Fischer, Pietro Daniel Omodeo, Jonathan Regier

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L'evento si terrà in inglese


VeDPH; Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Dipartimento di Filosofia e Beni Culturali


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