15 Giu 2019 17:00

Øyvind Eide


1.     Please provide a brief outline of your training and scientific activity.

During the stay I will focus my research on modelling in the context of the humanities, with a special focus on spatial conceptualisation and visual thinking. I will cooperate with researchers in Venezia on specific topics to be studied in this context, including Marco Polo.

This will be connected to the teaching I will do. While paying close attention to the study programmes and the relevant modules I will focus on the creation of maps based on historical and cultural sources, textual but also other types of expressions. I will also tech modelling as a topic, connected to mapping as well as to textual studies, visual thinking, , scholarly editing, and text encoding.

2.     Please state your reasons for choosing Venice and the Department for your research and teaching stay.

I have already worked with colleagues at the Department for some time in the area where textual scholarship meets  visual thinking, mapping, and modelling. I have also taught some courses at the study programmes there and taken part in supervision of some students at PhD and MA level. I am confident that the environment will be stimulating in the further development and application of my research plans. I will also spend some time on a book project which I hope to finalise in 2021.

3.     Have you ever had a research collaboration with the teaching staff of  Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies in the past?

Yes, we have had some cooperation, mostly as discussions in the areas outlined above as well as cooperation between students at PHD and MA level. We have a mutual wish to develop this cooperation further.

4.     What are your expectations regarding our University in general and our Department in particular?

I expect a vibrant scholarly community where I can discuss and try out ideas and methods in interaction with colleagues as well as with students. I hope to be included in discussion, research and events related to my areas of interested not only at the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies but also in other departments.


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