15 Giu 2019 11:18

Artur Stepanov


Question: a brief outline of your training and scientific activity.

I am a formal linguist with a main focus on natural language syntax. My work concerns formal modeling as well as behavioral experiments aiming at uncovering cognitive principles of organization of syntactic knowledge in a native speaker's mind/brain and its everyday use.

Question: reasons for choosing Venice and the Department for your research and teaching stay.

The Department has an outstanding research and teaching profile in various subfields of linguistics, especially syntactic theory. It has an ambitious vision for development and explores a host of interesting and promising research agendas, especially as concerns experimental research. As such, it provides a stimulating atmosphere for doing collaborative research work.

Question: Have you ever had a research collaboration with the teaching staff of Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies in the past?

My home institution maintains active contacts with the Ca'Foscari Department of Linguistics. As an example, a Department member has recently served as an external member in a doctoral committee for one of our graduate students. Members of the Department also collaborate with my country's national research funding agency as project reviewers in the field of linguistics. At the same time, members of my home department regularly pay visits and give lectures for the audiences at the Ca'Foscari Department.




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