01 Lug 2021 00:00

Prof. Matthew D'Auria


Question: a brief outline of your training and scientific activity.

 I hold a Ph.D. in History from University College London and I am an intellectual historian and a historian of political ideas. My area of expertise is the relationship between images of Europe and of the nation in the modern period.


Question: reasons for choosing Venice and the Department for your research and teaching stay.

I am currently working towards my next major project, namely, a history of Italian national narratives from the early eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century. Of course, the possibility of using the libraries in Venice (especially the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana) to work on Scipione Maffei and Apostolo Zeno was one of the reasons for choosing the University Ca’ Foscari. The second reason, perhaps more important, is the possibility of meeting leading scholars such as Professor Antonio Trampus, Professor Rolf Petri, and Dr Giulia Delogu with whom I share my research interests and, hopefully, gaining their insight into my ongoing research. Finally, the resoruces of the Centro di Studi Sull’Illuminismo Europeo ‘Giovanni Stiffoni’, hosetd by teh University Ca’ Foscari, will be extrenely useful.


Question: Have you ever had a research collaboration with the teaching staff of Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies in the past?

I am currently working with Professor Rofl Petri on more than one publication project.




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