01 Gen 2022 10:00

Prof.ssa Anne Réach-Ngô


Please provide a brief outline of your training and scientific activity.

I am a lecturer at the University of Haute-Alsace (France). As a specialist in French Renaissance literature, I focus my research on the articulation of auctorial and editorial practices, in particular on the phenomena of compilation, circulation and rewriting of texts during their printed publication (to consult my research notebook, go to La Roue à Livres). In particular, I examine the editorial genesis of corpuses deriving from rearrangement practices and the publication strategies that condition and give access to writings and knowledge in vernacular language for a mostly non-academic audience.

I am also interested in the contributions of digital humanities in the exploration and enhancement of the textual variability of writings (consult the digital projects Thresors de la RenaissanceJoyeuses Inventions and Tragiques Inventions) of this period. To achieve this, I analyse the epistemological stakes of digital processing in the definition and exploration of compiled works (see the EVEille project and the seminar Écosophie du numérique).

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